Make your own path
and retake control.

Manage Bundled Payments

Real time data allows physicians and administrators to creates unprecedented transparency. Immediately identify opportunities to lower the cost of healthcare.

Quality Based Payments

Capture Patient Reported Outcomes to improve your quality factor, as this will impact future payments from insurers.

Improve Quality of Care at Your Facility

Access to best-practice protocols developed by multidisciplinary teams, focused on improving quality and patient experience, while appropriately managing costs.

Get The Total Patient Experience

HCAHPS and other patient experience tools are beginning to impact reimbursement. Having direct feedback from patients through the app, allows facilities the ability to intervene, improve their satisfaction and make impactful changes for future beneficiaries.

Impact the Bottom Line

Compliance to standardized processes and operational efficiency eliminates waste and decrease procedure-related costs.

Stand Out From the Competition

With the patient interactive tool, the navigator compliance tool and the cost estimator tool, you have a comprehensive management tool for bundle payment that will differentiate you from the market.